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What is Speak Asia Succes Way Out - 30 October 2011

Speak Asia Rumors
We ( ) are producing Speak Asia News From 9th May 2011 we have published till date 260 Articles on our Blog and Having Visited by Lots of Vistors Per Day . We always see  Speak Asia Rumors Having any Positve News without any Prooves these Rumors Spreaded .
3 Types of Peoples who are faviouring Speak Asia Company
1. Speak Asia Management : As they are Employes of Speak Asia .
2. Speak Asia Franchaises : In a News on 8th August 2011 EOW Mumbai File Complaints From Speak Asia Franchise Told " Speak Asia give commission of 3% of the Sales " .
3. Who Earned the Money From Speak Asia . ( Not Having Any Post in Speak Asia and Get Money For Introducing Others Rs. 1000 Per New Joining. )

4 Types of Peoples who are Against Speak Asia Company
1. Speak Asia Competitors : Speak Asia Business Model and Working is Totally Diffrent From Many Companies Such as Nmart but According to Speak Asia they have Competitors.
2.Speak Asia Company Itself : As Looking on Alexa Statastics of . Company Offical Website was Starting to Take Peak In Year 2011 While Company was Doing Busines From Jan 2010 . Even If Speak Asia Company Have Try to Register the Company With Indian Goverment Before 11 May 2011 Means Between 1 Jan 2010 - 11 May 2011 Means 550 Days .. Speak Asia Pannelist Was Not facing Any Problem Today.
Speakasiaonline Alexa Statistics October 2011
3. Speak Asia Management Controversial Interviews to New Channels :
Mr. Vivek Gautam : Speak Asia Company Chief Marketing Officer Says " Speak Asia Company is Doing Survey for Airtel , Tata , and Many Companies ". Just After Intview Was Shown All The Companies Denied .
On 16 May 2011 in Speak Asia Conference Mumbai Mr. Manoj Kumar was looking not So Much Confidence to face Press confrence.
4. Speak Asia Un Paid Pannelists : On Records no Body can Say How much FIR against Speak Asia Company have Been Filled . Many of the Peoples have Start Fighting for invested Money with Upline .
Some of Upline Peoples have also Paid the money from their Own Pockets. Many of the Non Paid Pannelist have gone out of Legal Systems and Get the Money from their Upline Peoples .

Who are Nuteral about Speak Asia Company and Can Give Speak Asia Succes
Goverment Agencies / Court : Govertment Agencies and Legal System Takes Actions on the Basies of Evidences which are Produced In Front of them and What Law Says about the Perticualar Case.


In Andhra Pradesh High Court Case Which is Against Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. : A FIR have Been Filled Against Speak Asia Under Section 420.

On 30 August 2011 : CID Andhra Pradesh Wins the Case Against Speak Asia and Court Disposed case means Now Andhra Pardesh CID can Arrest Speak Asia Management Peoples.
Link of Direct Court Case :

In This Case Judgement Important Things are  :
The I.O. visited the Registrar of Companies and caused enquiries about the registration of the alleged companies namely (1) Seamless Outsourcing LLP, Mumbai, (2) Kritanz Management & Allied Services, Mumbai, and (3) Tulasiyat Tek Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai and also addressed a letter to the Registrar of Companies for furnishing of certain information on registration of above firms.
On 08.08.2011 the I.O. received the information from the Assistant Registrar of Companies, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad in which he stted that no company in the name of “Speak Asia Online Pvt. Ltd.” is found to be registered in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Registry.

The I.O. got served notices U/s 91 & 160 Cr.P.C. to (1) Manoj Kumar, CEO, (2) K. Charan Kumar, Regional Manager, and (3) Harender Kour, Global CEO of petitioner company through their advocate Sri S.S.R. Murthy to attend before him on or before 25th July 2011. Manoj Kumar, CEO and Harendar Kour, Global CEO have not attended so far before the I.O.
In Simple Words :  Kritanz Management & Allied Services, Mumbai and Tulasiyat Tek Pvt. Ltd
have Relation Ship with Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. Speak Asia Company is Not Registerd In India and Last is Andhra Court Give a written order to Manoj Kumar and Harender Kour to Produce Before Court.

Mumbai PIL Filed By AISPA

In the AISPA PIL :  The petitioners claim to be panelists. After the Speak Asia case was registered they have suffered losses. They claim to be victims.
As To Concerd With AISPA PIL if Court Will Ask " Sir, If You are Victoms of Speak Asia Online.. Why You want to Register Company in India ? " What Will Be AISPA Answers ?

Delhi Case 
In This Case Some Speak Asia Pannelist ask From Reserve Bank of India is Speak Asia is Paying 5% of Service Charge to RBI then in Which Charges Their Payments are Been Stoped .
In This Court has Said to Make a Commite Under Supervision of R C Lohati but the thing is RBI Doesn't Answer Any thing and On 8th of November 2011 Reserve Bank of India First Have to Clear things to the Court after that any thing can happened.

In Case of EOW ( Ecnomic Offence Wing ) Reports From Mumbai and Delhi . EOW Mumbai Have been Arrsested 16 Peoples Till 30 October 2011 All Of them are in Judical Custody.

Untill EOW Mumbai , Reserve Bank of India , Court Will Clear Any thing Nothing Can Be Done . As Our India Legal System Works Littel Delay So its Not a fast Relief.

IF AISPA and Delhi Case are Cleared by the Goverment Agaencies its Not Possible of Registration of Speak Asia In India and their No Case made By Speak Asia Managment People Nor By Any One for Regsitering Speak Asia In India .

EOW Mumbai if Hand Over the Server As Respected with Delhi Court Judgment .
Speak Asia Can not Do any Business on this Website Untill Goverment Approval.

Reserve Bank Clears they Can Allow FEMA Guidliness Based  Speak Asia Online Business in India and Survey Business Don't Come Under Fema Guidliness

In Speak Asia Business Only the Trust was Loose By the Person Who have Marketed Speak Asia Plan Verbally as on offical Website Nothing was mentioned " Invest Rs 11,000 get Rs. 52,000 " .  

From Last 6 Months Speak Asia Pannelists have Seen to Much of Fights with Peoples and Channels but Nothing have Happened to News Channels ( Media )
If Speak Asia Company Do Legal Cases on all these Channels and They Will Say " Sorry Even " . Can Their Sorry is Want A Speak Asian Wants ?

Speak Asia Pannelists Today are Not Intersted Whether the News is Possitive or Negative and Who is Publishing the News Only Thing Important to them are :
When Will Be Invested Money Come Back ?
Is Speak Asia Pannelist Reward Points have some Value in Cash ?
Can Speak Asia Do Business In India ?
Can Speak Asia Get a Clear Chit From All the Goverment Agencies For Breaking Laws ?
Can Goverment India Want to Set an Example of Speak Asia Where Money Was Gone Out of India With Legal Sources ?
We are Also Giving News About a group name " United Speak Asia " as they are mailing Us and Many News Websites but We ( ) are publishing News of Them and Others Not Publishing May Be Becouse they want Rumors to Spread and Never wants to Publish the News.

On 24th  October 2011 a Mail was Send to Our E-Mail Address By United Speak Asia Group and In this Mail Readers can See the E-Mail Address of Some Other News Websites.
Speak Asia 24 October News Update From United Speak Asia Group
On A Thought of If any Mission Which Will be Done By Some Non Paid Speak Asians have their Money By Legal Way .. Then Where is the Problem in that ?

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At 30 October 2011 at 07:50 , Blogger WOTAN said...

speakasia is not a its a great com
20lakh people future.

At 30 October 2011 at 20:17 , Blogger Babuji said...

As you are demanding you are publishing news impartially but I have doubt, because when some positive news comes you consider that a 'rumor'but when negative news comes you always highlight that.Is that not a motivated way of journalism?More over you are also imposing your judgement in your posting which is again predetermined journalism like other media like Star News etc.I personally found your posts are descriptive so its my request serve only news not comments only, then it will be accepted by mass and your impartiality.If possible publish all the comments.

At 4 November 2011 at 01:17 , Blogger mk said...

kisi ko soal ekk bhi paisa vapas nahi karegi.

At 27 July 2012 at 04:34 , Blogger durga said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

Register a LLP in India


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