Tuesday, 29 November 2011

30 November Speak Asia News Updates

We Speak-Asia-Fraud.Blogspot.com have speak asia latest news  on 30 November 2011.

News About Metting of Justice R. C. Lahoti - 28 November 2011
In a Case named as 383/2011 which is filed by SOLOMON JEMES & ORS a committee was made under supervision of Retired judge R. C. Lahoti . This committee have their 1st meeting on 28th of November 2011 to listen all the aspects . According to Some Un Official news it was said that Mr. R. C. Lahoti gets to much calls regarding speak asia case due to which Mr. R. C. Lahoti gets angry but just some time before
AISPA have released a official news regarding this case which is as Below :

Source : http://aispa.co.in/view.php?idd=52

The Meeting held yesterday at Delhi (Noida) was extremely positive and fruitful for us Speakasians. What I understand is that the Hon. Mr. Justice Lahoti ji was seized of the entire matter. We all know that Hon. Justice Lahoti ji is known to be meticulously perfect and our matter
is in safe hands of a retired chief justice of India.

I am sure that when a matter is handled by eminent personality like the Ex Chief Justice of India
the parties are assured that the matter will be settled in the most appropriate manner in
accordance with legal, social and commercial Jurisprudence. Speakasians there cannot be a fitter or
better forum then the present moderator Hon. Mr. Justice R. C. Lahoti to sit in arbitration in our matter.

What I wish to bring to your collective attention is that now that the matter is before a Hon.
Mediator we need to understand that every forum has to follow a certain protocol and
decorum befitting that particular forum. When the matter is under arbitration especially
before such eminent personality like Hon. Lahoti ji we must follow protocol to the ‘T’.

Yesterday the meeting was attended by the counsel for the petitioners, the company (SAOL)
and the RBI. Hon. Justice Lahoti ji has issued notices to all parties to remain present
before him on the next meeting. The final date and venues of the next date will be announced by
the Hon. Mediator Mr. Justice Lahoti ji shortly.

I urge and request my family, my fellow Speakasians, let us maintain our composure and
dignity and present ourselves as thorough professional associates of a truly international
business house and conduct ourselves as a worthy business professional.

I understand that it will be prudent on our part not to expect or give minute by minute
updates on this sensitive matter while it is active and alive in this mediation process.
I for one will not be able to give daily updates in this matter as I am duty bound to
see that every movement in the Speakasian matter be conducted properly for
eventual victory for all of us.

That the Speakasia model is way ahead of its time is the only crime of this revolutionary
business model and this quote comes to my mind instantaneously:
We Speak-Asia-Fraud.Blogspot.com also want to share a  information about some individual efforts done by peoples who are speak asians to help in speak asians . A person name Mr. Swapnil Kumar is doing efforts to get knowledge by doing RTI ( Right to Information ) application to government agencies . On 17th November a RTI application was filed to registrar of companies , Maharshtra which was send by speed post on 22 November 2011 which was received by Ministry of Corporate affaires on 24th November but due to application is not in a valid format Ministry of Corporate affaires reject it
RTI Application Ministry of Corporate Affaires - Swapnil Kumar
Previously also we Speak-Asia-Fraud.Blogspot.com have publish a news shared on 14 October 2011 RBI Answers to RTI Regarding Speak Asia Online the RTI application was filed on 24th August to Reserve Bank of India in regarding to why did speak asia bank accounts have been closed ?

AISPA also anounced that  :
Source : http://aispa.co.in/view.php?idd=52
Mr. Melwyn Crasto’s release and his bail matter coming up on 2nd December, 2011..
AISPA द्वारा दायर Writ , श्री Melwyn Crasto की रिहाई, २ दिसंबर २०११ को उनके ज़मानत का मामला.


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