Thursday, 17 November 2011

Speak Asia News 18 November 2011

Today We ( ) got a message from a friend on internet and we want to share information with readers.

Dear Speakasians
There is no court hearing on 21st so don’t expect big on 21st . it is a settlement case.It’s the meeting of mediator Justice R.C. Lahoti , company , all govt agency and petitioners involved with the case.
Every govt body will put up their views , and how payout can be given will be discussed.
It might take 4-5 meeting among them.

On the conclusion drawn Justice R.C. Lahoti will put up the report in Supreme court.
this might take around 2 weeks of time.
If the govt body fails to appear in the meeting their opinion might not be considered further, and if they put up any negative report against the company then they will have to prove it.
On the final report given by Justice R.C. Lahoti supreme court will give the final decision. This might take 1 week.

Company might demand for exit payout and registration in India.
The court can order for both together or exit payout first then company can work on registration.
Only after registration normal survey , login and payout for people who do not exit will start . this might take 1-2 week of time.

For opting for exit u have to fill in the form at and submit it.
Website can come live if Justice R.C. Lahoti demands in the meeting or after the hearing on his report in Supreme court.
Once website is working u can fill up your bank details.
Confirmation mail will be sent which when accepted only then exit will be confirmed and payout will be released.

The payout of exit will deposited in your bank account directly, but not as before but by TT ( telegraphic transfer ) the total process might take 5-6 weeks

Any person can opt for exit whether he has earned any amount or not , by filling in the form at company website.He will get the payout as per company exit rules. This will apply for all whether he is first joiner or last.

Simple steps for exit as per company
1 . fill in the exit form
2 . confirm the confirmation mail
3 . and money will be transferred to the bank account no in the exit id
4 . u do not need to pay anything and do anything more then this or go anywhere
as there might not be different rules for different people

When company is giving money by simple method why to opt for complicated one.
All thing have been done in small time . 
This thing comes in our knowladge and we thinks that this can happens in near future.  Its only time to keep patience . If all the speak asians can wait a long time of 6 months in just some more time .

My dear readers according to us this is good news because all speak asians are fighting for some good things to be happened when its start happening its our responsiblity to just be patience.

 In Start making of this blog our purpose is " when all my blog will completed i will gift it to speak asia company because we made articles on per day basses .

Many Peoples ask why you name " " basically when we heard 1st news about speak asia it is negative but till that time we have published 2 -3 Articles . Our views are changed when we meet a senior person of speak asia company He asked " Why you name it speak asia fraud rename it to speak asia fraud or genuine ?. we do it in our title .
Today we know as " Speak Asia Fraud & Genuine Blog "  .
When ever any news which is negative about speak asia .. Peoples says " your blog name is speak asia fraud you are some anti speak asian you are miss guiding the people. " but the only thing is 1 question when ever any positive news comes about speak asia and we publish " Why No body says you are anti speak asian " .

Message 2 Received :
Drawing inferences has become the duty of every Speak Asians. Dear friends, why all these shouting, anger and raze for 21 November 2011. We will see what happens on 21 November and after that we all will act according to that very decision. Any thing is possible, but one thing is clear that panelists’ money is not going anywhere. Panelists’ money is safe and all will get their money, at least their capital money will be paid. If you all have any confusion, Be sure, you all will receive at least your capital money. When and How, it will be decided by Mr. Lahoti. Have patience.
 We want to say " God Please get Some some positive News for all the Speak Asia but Please no Rumors " .

We purchase sweets from our own pocket and picture of that we will put on this blog .. For All our Readers .

We wants to Congrats Mr. Amitabh Bachan
Big B, Amitabh Bachchan, tweeted a confirmation around 10 am, a little after his grand-daughter's birth : 'I am Dada to the cutest baby girl !' The new father, Abhishek, tweeted even though he isn't a regular : 'Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. Both Aishwarya and the baby are doing great and taking some much needed rest .
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At 17 November 2011 at 20:53 , Blogger SEO Consultant from India said...

I agree with you. you are the team those given us a right info. Thanx Buddy. :)

At 17 November 2011 at 23:58 , Blogger asim chakrabarti said...

I think no pay out will be start before 2012, thanks for your good co-operation and kind information. Thanks to Amitabh ji too.


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