Sunday, 13 November 2011

Speak Asia Supreme Court News 14 November 2011

Speak Asia Supreme Court News 14 November 2011
 Mail By Mr. Aneesh Sharma At 1:30 PM From E-Mail to us
Hon'ble Court of Justice Dalbeer Bhandari and Justice Deepak Mishra has put this matter for mediation and appointed a Mediator. This matter has been listed in Supreme Court Mediation Center on 21st Nov. 2011

Confirmed Source :


 Last Update Comes at 1:00 PM By Aneesh Sharma .
Case will be in Mediation Center
We are soon launching a video.
We will update All Soon.

Just Before we  ( ) get the message their was new hearing in court on 21 November 2011 . We ( ) also getting many unconfirmed sources . We are waiting for some one who will update everything in a common person language.

 Please Wait  Until Some Body from court come and explain everything .
We ( ) have seen mixed reaction on 13 November 2011 about the today supreme court news some peoples are saying today also speak asia will get a new date on other hand some were excited Lets See . Please Don't Listen to Rumors until get cleared about the source of news.

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