Sunday, 6 November 2011

Speak Asia 6 November News 2011

Speak Asia News
We ( ) have today was thinking about the old days of speak asia . Their was time in speak asia when their were 100's of speak asian's who have raised their voice with speak asia company but day by day this number is decreasing as only because people are getting tired about waiting for their money.

Speak asia company comes in Highlight in 2011 by advertisements in IPL Matches . Company Website achieved alexa ranking on Worlds top 1000 website more then 70,000 of visitors are coming on the websites according to a news at that time 30,000 per day joining was their but on 11 May 2011 while 1000's speak asia panelist are enjoying their stay one of the exotic beaches of Goa all peoples get hit by Star News .

When star news exposes speak asia on 11 May 2011 in Night with a Program Name " Apke Sher Mein Guru Ghantal " at that time.
Today we Get a Question By Some Speak Asian we want to share with speak asians .
The Money we have generated in speak asia company was our survey income and that always goes in survey e-wallet but some time before mr tarak bajpai was arrested and company make a new website at that time survey income become was gone in shopping e-wallet . From Shopping e-wallet we can only purchase products and PINS Only..
On This our ( ) answer : First Let company get a clean chit and then payout topic comes. As Indian legal system is slow no body can say how much more time is need by government agencies to complete their work.
This Question Show us that human expectations are more if they are achieving 1 thing but the thing is speak asia company have to climb mouth Everest in between a high wind come by name of star news by that company fall from peak 1 mountain which was achieved by company in 1 year and when company comes it will be have get regularized by Indian government, Reserve Bank of India, Income Tax Office, Prime Minister Office after doing all this things they have to do more efforts.

We ( ) only understand and says want to say a simple its not important the time take to compleate the task but its more important that task will be compleated fully . The efforts compleated to do the task will only can be calculated after the achivement . This is no dought if a company after getting 6 months fight do a come back they will sure make a history but the only problem is day by day the moral of speak asians are getting less. More Over we think Mr. Tarak Bajpai Presence is killing the insperations of Speak Asians . Its No Dought that Mr. Tarak Bajpai is Motivations of Speak Asia company known as " Heart of SAOL " .. today according the last news in hospital for Some Heart Problems. Lets we all hope mr Tarak Bajpai Get Well Soon.

Speak Asia United News 6 November 2011
 Speak Asia Company Important Dates : Hearing of a Case Filed By Speak Asia Pannelist Assocation on 8 November 2011

Supreme Court Hearing was on 14th November 2011 In last time hearing case WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011  in central Board of Direct Taxes and Economic Offences Wing, Income Tax Department are added as party.
This Solomon James and ORS PETITION have a new date as 14 November 2011
Some Peoples are Saying 14 October 2011 is a Holiday but according Supreme Court of India Calender 2011 ... 14 November 2011 is not Holiday in Court.
15th November 2011 Date Give By Astrologers

Shani Dev is Changing on Signs on 15th November 2011.
Speak Asia is Having Aquarius Sign according to Astrology and after 15th November 2011 as Star Sign Changes it Will Come to Libra.

We Want to Tell Astrology is Also one Form of Science Where Astrologer Calculates the things with way of Mathematics Techniques  then  make a Statement . Astrology is Not a Magic.

Jupiter also is changing sign and coming into 9th house (Bhagya-Luck house), another benefic planet favourably aspecting Kumbh lagna.

" शनि देव का अपनी उच्च राशी तुला में परवेश १५नोवेम्बेर से हो रहा हैं जो की स्पेअक एशिया की कुम्भ राशी से १ योग करक संधि जो ब्रश्पति- से देख रहा हैं स्पेअक एशिया के पनेलिस्ट के लिए एक खुशखबरी ले कर आ रहा हैं . स्पेअक एशिया एक नए सिरे से काम करेगी . नए कानून या नए तरीके से भारत में काम करके लोगो का पैसा वापिस देने की उमीद नज़र आती हैं . स्पेअक एशिया पन्नेलिस्ट निराश न हों संयम बरते १५ नवम्बर से शनि देव और भार्स्पति का योग एक सुकध समाचार ले कर आ रहा है"
"YES , Shani Dev is Changing and this Change Will occurs on 15th November 2011"

Said By:

 हम मथुरा के एक प्रतिष्ठित पंडित श्री दाऊ दयाल शर्मा जी से मिले उन्होंने हमें कंपनी की मोजुदा

परिस्थिति के बारे में बताया उन्होंने कहा कि कंपनी की राशी कुम्भ है और कुम्भ राशी के ऊपर शनि चल

रहा है और वो 15 नवम्बर तक रहेगा 
Shani Dev Ki Aarti Lyrics – Sani Arti Bhajan Song Lyrics

Jai Jai Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari,
Sooraj Ke Putra Prabhu Chaaya Mahataari .
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.

Shyaam Ank Vakra Drasht Chaturbhujaa Dhaari,
Nilaambar Dhaar Naath Gaj Ki Asavaari .
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.

Kirit Mukut Shish Sahaj Dipat Hai Lilaari,
Muktan Ki Maal Gale Shobhit Balihaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.

Modak Mishtaan Paan Chadhat Hai Supaari,
Lohaa Til Tel Udad Mahishi Ati Pyaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.

Dev Danuj Rishi Muni Surat Nar Naari,
Vishvanaath Dharat Dhyaan Sharan Hai Tumhaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.


Shani Dev Aarti Hindi Lyrics

श्री शनिदेवजी की आरती

जय जय श्री शनिदेव भक्तन हितकारी ।
सूरज के पुत्र प्रभु छाया महतारी ॥
जय जय श्री शनिदेव...

श्याम अंक वक्र दृष्ट चतुर्भुजा धारी ।
नीलांबर धार नाथ गज की असवारी ॥
जय जय श्री शनिदेव...

किरीट मुकुट शीश सहज दिपत है लिलारी ।
मुक्तन की माल गले शोभित बलिहारी ॥
जय जय श्री शनिदेव...

मोदक मिष्ठान पान चढ़त हैं सुपारी ।
लोहा तिल तेल उड़द महिषी अति प्यारी ॥
जय जय श्री शनिदेव...

देव दनुज ॠषि मुनि सुरत नर नारी ।
विश्वनाथ धरत ध्यान शरण हैं तुम्हारी ॥
जय जय श्री शनिदेव...
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At 6 November 2011 at 05:45 , Blogger SHYAM said...

sab jhut bolte hai

At 6 November 2011 at 10:14 , Blogger THOMAS said...

I have been following your blog for the last couple of months. At this time of distress, blogs like yours are the only solace for speakasians. We are getting the information regarding speakasiaonline through these blogs only. Your blog is also serving the same purpose. But it pains us if you write the posts in incorrect English. The writing of most of the posts seems to be from a very careless person.An important matter like speakasiaonline ( for us) should be advocated in a more responsible manner. Please try to rectify the matter.

At 7 November 2011 at 10:45 , Blogger Kuljeet Sharma said...

kya baat hai mr. genuine nad fraud, kauwa huns ki chaal chalne laga, jo rooj speak ko gali de raha tha aaj uske return aane ki baat kar raha hai, kuch hujam nahi ho raha hai


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