Saturday, 12 November 2011

Speak Asia News 12 November 2011

Aneesh Sharma Lawyer
We ( ) have start realizing that now if any body have news and they want to share with all speak asian news websites they will mail to all of them . Like Some Aneesh Sharma Have mailed us.
Supreme Court Writ Petition Civil 383 2011 News
In this mail by mr Aneesh Sharma said to Check :

Search Jitendra Mohan Sharma
and the search results :
Jitendra Mohan Sharma
-------- E-Mail Content --------
Mr. Aneesh Sharma, Advocate and Mr. Ajit Sharma, Advocate are assisting their senior Mr. Jitendra Mohan Sharma, Advocate (AOR Supreme Court) who have raised their voice for the Speak Asians panelists who were the last joiners in the company (Period from February to May 2011), these are the panelists who have not received a single penny from the company till date, and have impleaded (add as third party) in the Writ Petition (C) 383/2011 as IA-4 in Supreme Court of India.

We Will Try to Share News With Speak Asians This Case in Court Number 3 and Number of this case is 9 . The Confirmed News Must be come before 1:00 PM to us and we will share with your news Website.
-------- E-Mail Content --------
We ( ) just understand 1 Good thing in this E-mail  :
Mr. Aneesh sharma  will try to send news related to speak asia pil case means SOLOMON JEMES & ORS which is in court number 3 . More Over that they will share with speak asia news websites also.

We ( ) knows that their are 2 more impleadments as shown
on supreme court website also .
Taken From Supreme Court Website .
For Applicant (s)
in IA 2                   Mr. Yashank P. Adhyaru, Sr. Adv.
                          Mr. Vivek Singh, Adv.
                          Mr. Rajiv Yadav, ADv.

In IA 3                   Mr.    Yashank P. Adhyaru, Sr. Adv.
                          Mr.    Ashutosh Jha, Adv.
                          Mr.    Amit Anand Tiwari, Adv.
                          Mr.    Ajay Kumar Singh, Adv.

We ( ) don't understand why their are different lawyers coming in
impleading this PIL of Solomon James as IA-2 and IA-3 .
we also notice that these IA-2 and IA-3 was not showing on 12 October 2011.

Their are lots of confusions  have taken place in last some time .
As every body knows that association of any company have a task of presenting their view members / Panelist voice to the company managment.
AISPA  ( All India Speakasia Panelist Association ) have start their fight as voice of 20 lakh speak asians but by saying that  " they don't touch in company " how can aispa can help speak asian in their fight ?
Still the previous efforts made by AISPA must be appricated as they made a press confrenece , giving their point in written to EOW Mumbai and More Over Stand the voice of speak asians in court.
We ( ) many times raise the questions which comes as speak asia pannelist to us from our articles .

On 8th November 2011SpeakAsia Website Working Back
In starting peoples think website is back in hands of speak asia company that is why every body reacts with saying cheers, many of speak asian start doing parties but opening of websites was as surprise to all the leaders and association also.

On 11th November 2011 : Speak asia website again get closed and start giving erroors at the time of login also many peoples complaint . Till date their was no statement made by EOW mumbai regarding this issue.

Speak Asia Confirmed News
1) On 14 November 2011 –  Hearing of SOLOMON JEMES & ORS -  WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011
2) On 16 November 2011  – Criminal PIL (Mumbai High Court)
3) On 16 November 2011  – AISPA association PIL (Expected)
4.) Mr. Tarak Bajpai and all other speakasia officials have been granted bail.

Readers we ( ) have seen each time when ever their was a news related to speak asia many peoples start saying news without any official proof so we want to tell our readers that official declaration was always come after 1 day of court hearing on Supreme court website means on 15 November 2011 .You Can check yourself the news :
Click on Below link :
On the left of the web page click on "case number" - > In the first box Case select "Writ Petition (Civil)" and 
in Case Number type "383"; you'll get all the information required.

We ( ) get a very good video for our viewers .
Pavan Duggal Answers related with MLM Companies 12 November 2011

Pavan Duggal is a practicing Advocate in the Supreme Court of India at New Delhi also Known as
"father of cyber Laws", having specialized in the newly emerging field of Cyberlaw & E-Commerce law
in the last few years.
He is the Founder President of Cyberlaw Asia, Asia’s pioneering organization committed to the passing of
dynamic cyberlaws in the Asian continent. Cyberlaw Asia is engaged in the process of creating greater
awareness about Cyberlaws in different countries of Asia.
He is the author of the book entitled “Cyberlaw – The Indian Perspective”.

Official Website is .
This website is providing information regarding to cyber laws since Year 1998 .
Its a really unbelievable to think that before 13 years back their was actually cyberlaw in India .

Hindi Translation of Above Video
जितनी  भी  MLM काम्पनिस  होती  हैं  इन्टरनेट  कंप्यूटर  एक्ट  का  इस्तेमाल  करती  हैं 
लिहाजा  इनफोर्मेसन टेकनोलोजीस  एक्ट  2000   में रजिस्टर्ड होती हैं   पर  कलाकारी  क्या  करते  हैं 
की अपनी  वेबसाइट  पे  न  डाल के  विभिन  प्रकार   के  दुसरे  साईट   पर  डालती  हैं 
अगर  आप  उन  अनोफ्फिसल  वेबसाइट पर  लिखी  हुई   जो  भी  जानकारी पर   विश्वास  करते  हैं 
तो  आप  अपने जिम्मेदारी  से  भाग  रहे  हैं  कुछ  भी  कानून   इस  तरह  की  खबरों को  मान्यता   नहीं  देता  हैं .
अगर  वो  खुद  कंपनी  अपनी  वेबसाइट  पर  ऐसी  बात  डाल  रही  हैं 
तब  तो  कोई  दिक्कत   की  बात  नहीं  हैं  आप  उसे  गर्दन   से  पकड़    सकते  हैं  .
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At 12 November 2011 at 23:53 , Blogger Madhuranjan Kumar said...

भैया वकील साहब आप लोगों के ऊपर लाखों लोगों की नेगाहें टिकी हुई हैं कुछ ऐसा करिए की लाखों लोगों की और उनके परिवार की दुआए आप को मिले

At 13 November 2011 at 03:40 , Blogger Unknown said...

दोस्तों बुरा मत मानना एक बात कहना चाहता हू l बीस लाख पेनालिस्ट है सब मिल के स्पीक एशिया से अपना पैसा लड़ झगड़ कर भी अभी निकल सकते हो तो निकाल लो, अगर तुम ये सोच रहे हो की फिर से आएगी और तुम्हारा पैसा तुम्हे वापस करेगी तो भूल जाओ l यहाँ तो कब का प्लान बना लिया होगा कम्पनी और सरकार ने की जनता का पैसा कैसे मारा जाये l और तुम लोग हाथ पे हाथ धरे रह जाओगे l अपने देश की जनता में यही कमी है कि उसे कोई लुटाना चाहे तो पहले उसे प्यार से विशवास में ले लो फिर लूट लो l और मजे कि बात ये कि लुटने के बाद भी इस भोली भली जनता को ऐसा लगता है कि नहीं सामने वाले ने मेरे साथ विश्वासघात नहीं बल्कि मजाक किया होगा , अभी वो मेरा पैसा वापस करेगा l अरे लुटेरा और विश्वासघाती क्या खाक विशवास करेगा तुम्हारे साथ l शुरु से ही कम्पनी तुम्हे डेट पे डेट दे कर चली आ रही है तो अब भी नहीं समझे कुछ l अरे ये डेट नहीं कम्पनी को तुम्हारा पैसा मारने के लिए जो समय चाहिए वो तुमसे लेती चली आ रही है l दोस्तों मै तो कहता हू कि जिस तरह स्पीक एशिया का साथ देने के लिए बीस लाख पेनालिस्ट इकठ्ठा हुए थे उसी तरह एक बार फिर इकठ्ठा हो जाओ ,उठा लो तारक को , ले आओ अपनी अदालत में , सबका पैसा मिल जायेगा l और आगे आने वाली कंपनियों को सबक भी मिल जायेगा कि अब कोई भी धोखेबाज कंपनी यहाँ टिक नहीं पायेगी l

दोस्तों इतने बवाल के बाद भी कंपनी अगर अपने पेनालिस्ट का पैसा देना चाहती तो कोई माई का लाल उसे रोक नहीं सकता था ,क्योकी कंपनी के पास जनाधार था l

चाहो तो गाली दे लेना दोस्तों पर सत्य यही है ल

"एक स्पीक एशियन"

At 15 November 2011 at 04:01 , Blogger irkan ali said...

kya penalista ka pesa bapas hoga ya maar liya gayega


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