Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Supreme Court 14 November Judgment - 15 November 2011

Supreme Court 14 November Judgment
We ( speak-asia-fraud.blogspot.com ) want to announce that 14 November 2011 Judgment copy is now live on supreme court website.
Supreme Court 14 November Judgment Copy
 We ( speak-asia-fraud.blogspot.com ) after reading this judgment copy we don't find that supreme court have said any thing about restart of speak asia company.

On 12th September 2011 when this news was published Navbharat Times Mumbai Edition it has only said that  :
Speak asia panelists have suffered reached to the court. Their lawyer mr rajeev ranjan raj has said in his PIL that the reward points which was earned by the speak asia panelists and the subscription money must be revert back to these panelists.
On this issue please make a committee and we also wants to appeal in court that the speakasia company freeze accounts which amount is Rs.150 crores that money must be given back to panelists.

Speak Asia PIL 12 September Speak Asia News
Questions Regarding 14 November, 2011 : AISPA (HINDI) Video1. Ashok Sir Says  : Some Lawyers have started their shop regarding this Delhi PIL.

 But Ashok Sir sorry to say my point i have read it and its in clear Hindi. They have said "If some body wants their money they must have to become a party in this case and the persons who will come they must have to prove by showing the acknowledgement e-mail of the company after that proof only peoples can take their money from Supreme Court or from the committee made. This thing can be done from their own side or panelist’s can imp lead their name by any lawyer which was already working on this case .
They don't said the person must have to come with them then only they will get the money. The persons can also go to Rajeev Ranjan Raj or any lawyer in this case. Their are many Lawyers in this case.
If Aneesh Sharma Have Said "Not by our help you can get these payments " then they come Under Category of Fraud .

2. Ashok Sir Says : Their was lawyers on the record which are been appointed by panelist is Rajeev Ranjan Raj in case of Delhi PIL but ashok sir then who is I.A.No - 2 and I.A.No - 3 and where these lawyers comes and what are they doing in this case ? Who appointed them in this case ?

We ( speak-asia-fraud.blogspot.com ) know some time we questions against company and some time also favors in speak asia but what can we do question comes in our mind and we ask from our and also our reader side also. If our Questions Hurts to any body feelings then we are sorry on our apart but publishing news not only means to publish which any body says . We always thinks that in all this speak asia case if in starting some measures was been taken then speak asians will not have to take a long time of 6 Months.
Biggest Problem in the Speak Asia Case was the media who brake the news  as saying " Speak Asia Fraud " and the peoples always remember the first impression .

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