Friday, 18 November 2011

Speak Asia News 19 November 2011

On 19th November 2011, we ( ) seeing some  positive energy regarding the 21 November Court News’s . Their is a  lots of energy in speak asia communities on facebook and on the other websites on internet and seriousally we speak asia news  also enjoying to be part of this movement after a long time of 6 Months of speak asians company struggle we are seeing light of winning in eyes of speak asians .
Hope in court every thing will remain good. Their is not official news are broadcasted yet.The possibilities must be kept in mind

1.) Speak Asians all are very eagerly waiting the meeting to be held on 21 November between Speak Asia Company and  only hope that is none other than Honorable Retired Chief Justice Mr R C Loahti Sir and other parties which are SAOL management, RBI AND EOW mostly

2.)Speak Asians all have some assumptions in mind that are : if all govt agencies comes there in meeting to participate then surly within this month we will get all kinds of happiness and joy to be cheerful.

3.) Chance of this happening is most eagerly awaited as this may give us a clear cut direction

4.)While on the other hand, if again govt agencies don’t come forward then what will happen?

I hope all speak asian are if worried then I hope only due to this reason.

This is why? I want to give you the idea of fact full opinion given by one of the most experience
lawyer who deals with this type of case in Supreme Court . According to him, if 2nd chance comes then again this will go to Supreme Court to have final judgment regarding the resolution of the case.

In this situation Supreme Court may pass final verdict in favor of speak asian panelists and direction to all govt
agencies to lift all hurdles in our ways.

The role of mediator is to provide a common plateform to each party where all can keep their views to resolve the issue but if because of any party it becomes difficult then a final order will be issued by SC to solve
the case finally on the basis of committee’s Recommendations.

So in both the situation we all are in win -win condition.

Lets join the hands together for the early resolution of all hurdle in our ways.
God is great and our hopes are also great.
Be positive, have vision and mission to be successful.

We hope for the best .

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