Thursday, 1 December 2011

PMO Office Reply Regarding SpeakAsia

Mr. Swapnil Kumar who have filed an RTI application to RBI in Hindi on 24th of August which was replied by Reserve Bank of India on 7th October 2011.Its Known as RIA - 1021/2010-11.

RBI Answers to RTI Regarding Speak Asia Online - 14 October 2011

Mr. Swapnil kumar Also filed the Same PIL in English with RIA - 1930/2011-12 to Reserve Bank of India .

RBI Answers to RTI in English Regarding Speak Asia Online

Mr. Swapnil Kumar Send a Letter to PMO ( Prime Minister Office ) on 17 October 2011 it was forwarded to Ministry of corporate Affairs on 11 November 2011 PMO ID No.24/3/2011-PMP1/335384 .
PMO Office Reply Regarding SpeakAsia
On 18th May 2011 : Letter by Dr. Kirit Somaiya Against Speak Asia to Prime Minister Office as to Do Some Action against Speak Asia. Dr. Kirit Somaiya Has Filed an RTI ( Right to Information Act ) Not PIL.

On 29th June 2011 :  Mr. Kirit Somaiya gets reply from PMO office regarding their letter . Prime Minister Office Action Against Speak Asia

For Details Download the Copy From The Below Link:

On 2nd August 2011 : Kirit Somaiya Said Speak Asia Can Not Stopped Due to this Complaint which is Done by Mr. Kirit Somaiya ( national secretary of the Bhartiya Janata Party )all the speak asians are get oppose to him .Give a Press Statement to a News Paper :

 "My only agenda was to get things in public and governments notice. I have done my job and now it’s the task of investigation agencies to probe this matter. I can’t comment any further.

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