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Navniit Kkhosla Message on 23 March 2012

25 March 2012 SpeakAsia Latest News by 
हम  स्पेअक-एशिया-फ्रौड़.ब्लागस्पाट.कॉम पेश करतें हैं स्पेअक एशिया की ताज़ा खबरें

We was get very surprised when Mr.Navniit Kkhosla complainant against Speak asia  online company have taken back his complaint in Mumbai high Court by giving an affidavit of course this good news for all the speak asia family but as an running a successful news portal from last almost a year we  was very surprised also . We also know that many of Speak asian leaders say as " Fraud " or Lier about Speak Asia News .. so we have only 1 message for them .. "Sorry , Sir We are Not your puppets as you say we can't say but this is also true that if a common speakasian who have invested his hard money in speak asia company and will get his returns back then surely we want to taste the sweet of their victory." . 
Message of Navniit Kkhosla

I am 59 years old now. I invested my company’s funds in Speak Asia on 23rd Feb, 2011 and 3rd March, 2011. I have fought Speak Asia with my heart and soul since then. I still do it and realize that I must pay
back.I have shown that investment of the panelists can be recovered provided they are willing to fight. After my repayment it will also not take long at all. It only needs a strong heart and lots of will power. Not too much money.I am willing to be a guide. My email ID is
Let me tell my story in parts:
I had to fight when I was totally sidelined by upline for demanding proper hard copy invoices for my tax records. I requested to Tarak, Dandekar, Kulshreshth and my entire upline including Dipankar Sarkar.
Only on threatening them of legal action in this matter did SAOL pay 54 crore as service tax and invoices were issued by Dipankar Sarkar and Rajesh Enterprises issue invoices.
It was very hard emotionally particularly when so much money was lying invested and recovery of my investment through payment of surveys was totally at the whim of a non resident company with no base to drag them to any authorities. I died a hundred times in the process.
At best well wishers thought I was a fool to have invested so much money. And others ………
I did offer to quit the online survey scheme but I was bluntly told -”no way”. I was also told –
“You are alone. What can you do?”
On the night of 11.05.2011 I informed my Director that our investment was stuck and it would be a
long fight to get the investment back. I was not aware that delivery would be full term – nine months –
15th March, 2012.The EOW have been most unhelpful for the recovery of my money.
I have attended bail applications to oppose any relief to the accused – irrespective. I provided the
Court the Board resolution authorizing Dandekar to appoint an advocate and file a suit for damages
for Rs. 500 crore against Star TV. His bail application was rejected.
I have appeared in the PILs in the Bombay High Court and submitted that in India SAOL
was never selling any products or services and the stated business of the company was
online surveys and getting investments from new panellists.
I stated in the Bombay High Court before the Hon’ble Mrs. Justice Ranjana Desai that a senior
advocate was falsely submitting orally that SAOL was like a MLM company and was selling
products like mobile phones. The PIL was withdrawn and the senior advocate has never appeared
in the High Court thereafter.
  Below is the Copy of Court Judgement After giving 
Affidavit from Navniit KKhosla Side
Melwyn Crasto & Anr. .. Petitioners
The State of Maharashtra & Anr. .. Respondents
Speakasia Panelists Association of India ... Applicant
Mr. P. S. Patwalia, Sr. Advocate with Ahmad M. Abdi with
Satyaprakash Sharma, for the Petitioners.
Mr. P. A. Pol, PP for the Respondent-State.
DATE : MARCH 21, 2012.
P.C. :
1. Not on board. Upon mentioning, taken on board.
2. It is submitted that the complainant in this case has filed
an affidavit-in-reply, stating therein that he has received the entire
amount and he does not wish to pursue his complaint. We had asked
the learned Public Prosecutor to approach the Apex Court and obtain
WP. 3611-11
- 2 -
clarification since the Apex Court has appointed a mediator and the
mediator is seized of the entire case. Therefore, we asked him to
obtain the clarification, since the propriety demands that when the
matter is pending before the Apex Court, this Court should refrain
itself from passing any order.
3. On two occasions, the learned PP has sought time to
apply for modification/clarification from the Apex Court. According
to him, the matter was to appear on 23rd March, 2012. However, the
computer status report shows that the matter is scheduled to be placed
on the board on 2nd April, 2012. Since the complainant in this case has
stated in his affidavit-in-reply that he has received the entire amount,
we deem it fit and proper, so far as this case is concerned, to direct
that further investigation in respect of the complaint filed by Navnit
Tarachand Khosla is stayed till the next date. The learned Public
Prosecutor can obtain clarification from the Apex Court. S. O. to 4th
April, 2012.
[ P. D. KODE, J.] [ V. M. KANADE, J.]
V. P. Halemath

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