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Speak Asia Online Truth Rvelling - 28 July 2011

Speak Asia Truth

Its a Speak Asia Online which become a name for the peoples as Investing company for doing Surveys before 15 May 2011 . As on 15th May in Night News STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online Scam . Instead of the Speak Asia have to do a  Speak Asia Conference Mumbai - 16 May 2011 in even in that conference speak asia don't say that they will pay the Money and said that we are charging Rs.11,000 not for investment but taking this for a magazine. In Starting "Speak Asia Members " or Speak Asians says that " Star News is a Fake"
and Star news has its own survey company that is why they want speak asia company will become more popular but the people why they don't think of some basic things that are :
Question 1: Why company is giving money for the joining as Rs.1000/- for each joining  ?
Question 2:  Speak Asia Company Said " A survey Joined By Peoples of Yours we will give Rs.100 or Rs.150/- you will get that also.Some Logic have to Thinked on that Lets assume a Survey Company is Giving Mr.A Rs.500 and he has 500 Down line means Mr.Will Get Rs. 500 + Rs.100*500 ( Of Down line ) = Rs.5,500 for a Speak Asia Online Survey But in starting In Year 2010 company pay this amount only because they know starting people will catch others and they can give the amount.

But Status on 28th July 2011 Company is Saying that Indian Government has closed their  Business and People Earning.
Q1 : If company was so much powerful so company can pay from any Means as they can open singpore account of every speak asian and they can withdraw directly and government will get their 2.5 % Tax also.
Q2 : Speak Asia company never show that Bank Document where company accounts are banned due to any reason . And How can Government of India freeze Singapore accounts .. Means their they have payment and their is Lots of Payment gateway accepted in India...Speak Asia Company can any of them.
Q3: Speak Asia company know's that they are not registered in India so why does they tell it Before to their Joiners ? Why Registering Today and not a MLM or Survey but as speak asia online shopping ?
Q4 : When they take money they said this money of Rs.11,000 they give each Rs.52,000 but now company is not giving any payout only news coming is Company is Registering itself ?
Q5: Why Speak Asia is Selling products of Only One Brand " YUG " till now company was launched on 11 July 2011 at 6:28AM Speak Asia New Website Launched having Lots of Errors See Speak Asia Login and
according to Zee Business News Exclusive on 4th July  this website cost Rs.13 Carror in Indian Currency and Joking Part about Speak Asia New Website Reality  where picture on the website are hosted on another website name amazon .. Means Company not having a good webserver which can take space of Pictures even .

Answers of The Above Question
Answer 1: Company don't want to Give People Hard Cash as Survey is Nothing but actual work is Speak Asia Company is Prymid based or Chain Scheme Based Fraud .

Answer 2 : If accounts are Sealed Still company can pay those accounts from which they have taken money when from indian accounts today even company is taking money they can give back from that.

Answer 3 : From last 1 year Speak Asia is working in India till that much big time company has not say about registration . But Now company wants to Register itself as Shopping Website .

Answer of Question 4 and 5 : Speak Asia is having a Plan Before to Create a Online Shopping Website by which company can sell their Brand Products name "YUG"but the question arise that who will purchase the products from that website as their are many before companies like that in India and Second Question was where the money comes from manufacturing of these products before can even see .. How Website on Which Shopping cart will get visitors as that need a lots of cost for advertising on the Internet .

So a Company is Made with name of Speak Asia Online who said that they will survey and also said its consumer empowerment  ( Which means Speak Asia company will purchase products from Manufacturer and sell on the less cost by Speak Asia people and speak asian people will get products on discounted rates )
In this Way company was started in Starting They give the money for Surveys . In May company has taken Webspace on Amazon Website for their Products till on one end company says to amazon people to add their products on their website ... Speak Asia Company Announces  Genx Bazaar GOA 9 - 11 May 2011
 to check how much people will use their Reward Points in Shopping . Company Get good response their so company on 15th May 2011 proves from Media End that "Speak Asia Fraud" and also proved that Speak asia is a Singapore based company no body can do FIR on Speak Asia Online as its become very difficult for the company just get away after taking money from Speak Asians .

On One End company people was saying that their account are frozen and on other end company was 

taken a webspace on Amazon Shooping cart web space and Create a Vender account on that Website . 
( Proof of this Thing is Click any Picture showing Speak Asia Online picture st oration date is
( Its Means Company have taken Webspace from amazon as vendorprod and products picture store on 2011-5-16 means 16 May 2011)

Now Company will Registered Itself as Speak Asia Shopping and peoples are bind to Reward Points . Company will Register itself as Indian Company as Shopping and will sell the products will small discount by Reward Points..
It Means "Speak Asia is Forever " Become the Truth .
Only Question For answer   
"Is It Possible to Purchase a Product on Any Brand Name Yug which no Body have Heard Even "
Speak Asia Salute
  A Salute To Speak Asia Management  the Way they have Done all this .
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