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Money Distribution by Court in Writ Civil Petition 383-2011

13 April 2012 SpeakAsia Latest News by 
हम  स्पेअक-एशिया-फ्रौड़.ब्लागस्पाट.कॉम पेश करतें हैं स्पेअक एशिया की ताज़ा खबरें

We have surprise news for our readers about Money Distribution by Supreme Court 

Some days before mr. Navneet khosla has withdrawn his case back in Bombay high court . 

We get very surprised and asked our self why he is fighting from approx 8-9 months for his invested money of rs.2.5 lakh and he did not get his money back why he takes back his case.

The answer is He Joined Writ Civil Petition Filed by SOLOMON JEMES & ORS  in Supreme Court of India ( Delhi ) where in a judgment comes that 
Speak Asia Online company will Deposit Rs.50 Carrors in India .

Joining of Navnit khosla and becoming IA 9 clears a thing that their is many lies told by many 
official mouths of speak asia as it was said that speak asia money will be distributed to 
all the speak asians as if it is true their is no need for Navneet khosla to joined this case 
as every body knows that for fighting any case in court will charge money.

It simply means he will get his money back from High court also and showing him 
as a IA-9 in supreme court he will get from this 50 carrors amount also. He don't loose
he will earn even the company is closed.

Their is One more confusion is spread ed among speak asians that using a option of 
Speak Asia Exit will give the money to speak asians it can not be true its very simple 
when money is deposited in supreme court of India.. 
Only Supreme Court Judgment can say to whom this can be given .

All the distribution of this Rs.50 carrors deposited by speak asia online is government of India after deducting income tax from it.  
See the court judgment copy Below :

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